Funhouse photo gets a lot more users

After growing so linearly it was almost creepy, Funhouse Photo gained over 200 users since yesterday. And I have no clue why! I’ve been searching to see if it got mentioned or reviewed somewhere, but I’m drawing a blank. I don’t get much information from Facebook about how people found the app, I’d need to manually build in some tracking myself, and I’d probably not be able to get much information about the referring page anyway since Facebook does so much redirection.

Oh, I did just have a thought. It was Columbus Day yesterday, I bet there was a lot of bored people looking for something fun to do on Facebook. Interesting, probably won’t translate into a long-term trend if that’s the case.

I wish I could have made it to Graphing Social Patterns, the Facebook developer conference. From the notes, it looks like Danny Sullivan is thinking along the same lines as me with social search; wanting to use your friends’ browsing habits to give you more focused results.

Funhouse Photo User Count: 1466 total, 344 active. Probably a Columbus Day blip, but nice to see a growth spike.

Event Connector User Count
: 39 total, 5 active. Still working with Emile and Tim from New Media Expo to arrange some distribution of their connector, but not much activity otherwise.

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