Back from Santa Cruz


Liz and I returned from our trip to Santa Cruz Island last night. We had a wonderful time, camping under the eucalyptus with Richard, Kelly, Eric and Jennifer.

We had a chance to explore a few undeveloped and unmarked trails on the island too, with one thirteen mile hike that left us both pretty shattered. There isn’t much information about hiking the island available, so I’ll be trying to put up some notes with Google maps over this week.

Funhouse Photo
User Count
: 1,090 total, 109 active. It was good to see the steady growth continuing, especially since I’ve been focused on my day job and other projects, and haven’t done much to help it recently.
Event Connector User Count: 9 total. I’m currently wrestling with Facebook’s directory submission process. It was initially rejected as not showing any content, which I assumed was because the reviewer wasn’t invited to any events, so I just resubmitted it unchanged. It’s now been rejected for violating the ToS because it "stores user data beyond the context user session or specified timeout". This is very odd, because I’m actually not storing any data at all on my server, it’s all generated live through the Facebook API!
I’ll be adding a privacy policy note in the hope of clarifying this. There does need to be a two-way channel of communication between developers and the reviewers, at least somewhere I could add a note clarifying what I’m doing.

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