The joy of localization


One of the under-appreciated trends of the last few years is the internationalization of the web. Looking through today’s logs for GoogleHotKeys, I see India, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and a few more top-level-domains I don’t even recognize. In total, these usually outnumber the plain-old US hits.

The localization in GHK is rudimentary, I don’t even have the help translated yet, but it does recognize and work with around 80 different localized Google search sites (including the Dominican Republic in the next release, thanks Omar). But it’s still doubled my user-base!

Now I just need to figure out how to properly translate and encode the right characters to support Chinese…

Funhouse Photo User Count: 306, 114 active. This is pretty much in line with growth over the last few days, with the number of active users remaining steady at around 40% (since the active count is against the previous day’s total).

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