The new server is up and running

I’ve now got the new server up and running at I’m holding off on moving the app from dreamhost until the DNS has had a good chance to propagate, but I’ve got a test version running successfully.

It was a really interesting experience getting the server running. is definitely set up for people wanting to resell server space, rather than my simpler needs. They also assume a good knowledge of linux server administration, which is a reasonable expectation, but one which I struggled to meet! Luckily google came to my rescue and I was able to struggle through

  • Setting up ssh for multiple users
  • Installing and building ImageMagick and its dependencies
  • Removing the virtual host bumpf that Plesk had set up for me
  • Sorting out the file permissions so the apache process could actually work with my non-root user
  • Removing auto_index from apache, since I really don’t want directory listings exposed to the world by default!

I was able to get that all done early this morning, and this evening, so the move should be possible tomorrow.

Funhouse Photo User Count: 164. It’s gone up more slowly than yesterday, but I am seeing plenty of people coming in from notifications their friends have sent them, which is promising.

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