Firefox Shortcuts


More Search Tips…

Here’s some ways to speed up searching and browsing by using shortcuts for common tasks.

  • Press F7 to turn on Caret Browsing. You’ll now see a blinking cursor
    when you click on a page, which you can move around with the arrow
    keys. What’s really handy is that when you move the cursor to a link,
    you can open it by pressing Return, which allows you to move rapidly
    through web pages using only the keyboard. Control+Left/Right in Caret Browsing mode will move by whole words. It doesn’t always work well on pages with complex layouts.
  • Hold Command/Control when pressing Return after typing a word in the location bar and it will add www and .com to the start and end. For example, typing ibm and Command/Control+Return will take you to Shift+Return does the same, but adds .net, and Command/Control+Shift+Return adds .org.
  • If you select some text, you can instantly search for it on Google using the right-click menu.
  • Control/Command+L will let you type a URL into the location bar, without having to move the mouse and click on it.
  • Control/Command+K lets you type into the search box without mousing over to it.

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