Explore the gorgeous LA mountains


Gary Valle dropped me an email today after running into our volunteer crew fixing up Old Boney Trail. He just wanted to link to the Trails Council site from his page, but once I started checking his blog out I knew I had to write it up here. Over the last few years he's taken his camera with him on his trail runs, and he's taken some gorgeous shots. Looking at the pictures and reading the stories takes me out into the mountains, it's perfect after a long day spent staring at code. Here's a few of my favorites:

The Mountain Lion Saga
Snow on the Chumash Trail
Running through the lightning
Hawk, Bobcat and Rabbit
San Gorgonio
Glowing Manzanita
Rough Trip from Hwy 2

If those inspire you to get out there, he's also got a large set of Google Earth GPS tracks for the routes he runs. Photographyontherun.com is an awesome resource for anybody who loves the wilderness, good job Gary.